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360th St
Federal Way Washington 98003
United States


(253) 785-8347

Caliber Restoration is one of the leading home improvement companies that has perfected the bathroom remodeling procedure. Need experts to help you with bathroom sink remodel? We offer trusty remodeling professionals near you for your bathroom sink remodel at the lowest cost. You want to renovate your old, outdated bathroom but aren't sure where to start. Many property owners think that renovating their bathroom is going to be expensive and time-consuming, but that is not true. Our team of professionals can make the bathroom look brand new in no time. Caliber Restoration offers a wide variety of bathroom remodeling services for affordable prices.


About Federal Way

Federal Way is a city in King County, Washington, United States and part of the Seattle metropolitan area. One of the most recently incorporated cities in the county, its population was 101,030 at the 2020 census. Federal Way is the 10th most populous city in Washington and the 5th most populous in King County. == History == Originally a logging settlement, the area was first called "Federal Way" in 1929 to refer to a school district. The name derived from U.S. Route 99 (now State Route 99 or Pacific Highway South), a federally-designated highway which ran through the state and connected Seattle to Tacoma.

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